Student Management Portal (SMP) is an online web based application developed for reporting purposes of early interventions.
The SMP is a two-fold programme
  • The first programme focuses on identifying and preparing Grade 12 students to be ready and to study at tertiary.
  • The second programme was developed to manage students at tertiary level.
  • The web based solution will provide the necessary link between the student, the donor/sponsor and the NEET. This will enable the sponsor to get an understanding as to how each sponsored student is performing. The tutor/lecturer has the ability to interact with the student even after hours.
  • This will allow the interaction to happen more regularly than for the sponsor to wait until the end of the year to see how each student performed by getting a report from them. The sponsor will be empowered as they will know almost everything the student will be doing at the institution; from upcoming test to how the student has performed in exams and assignments.
  • Apart from understanding how the student is performing the sponsor has the ability to keep track of how the administration is using the bursary money allocated for the year.
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Developed by Banele Mthabela