Chairman's Viewpoint
As a God fearing person and Chairman of National Economic Education Trust, I believe in Education for all and in God's love for us. I also believe that the most valuable results of all education is to make you do things you have to do, when they ought to be done. It is the first lesson that ought to be learned. My fellow South Africans, Maths and Science is the answer to the country's education crisis. I'm excited and glad that we have designed a web-based solution that will assist in shaping the country's education system positively going forward. I'm happy to recommend the NEET programme and career path to you, because I believe in it. I hope that you will embrace it and through this programme we will forge solid partnerships going forward. What separates our offering from other similar bursary institutions is the on-going interaction between ourselves and the students we sponsor. Student Management Portal (SMP) is going to bridge the gaps even closer and we extend it out to all of you. Do not keep your dreams sealed in your own mind and heart; it is putting them into action that counts.
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